Our experience

It is the experience of the InfoMedix team that has made the company the leading supplier of Digitised Medical Records in Australia.    We understand healthcare as well as IT and are 100% focused on the development, implementation and support of medical records solutions for the healthcare industry.

To be successful in Health IT, an organisation needs to have experience in both Health and Technology.    Our heritage as a division of Object Consulting gives InfoMedix a world class level of experience in software development, user experience and high availability.  These are critical to developing Good Health IT products.   Our experience in Health comes through a combination of hiring staff with health backgrounds together with the high level of interaction that InfoMedix has with clinical staff at our 35 plus hospitals.   Not a week would pass without some functional workshop with a group of clinicians all driving towards a great product.

This unique combination of knowledge in both IT and Health makes the difference.   InfoMedix knows how to develop Health Grade technology that is reliable and a joy to use.   Technology needs to be FAST and EASY.

Our experience in Health IT is evident in how happy our clinical users are with the InfoMedix technology.