Company history

InfoMedix has a rich history within the Australian Health IT Sector.  InfoMedix was established in 2000, focusing on electronic medical records for public and private healthcare institutions.  In 2004 Casey Hospital in Victoria became the first InfoMedix site.

Today, with more than 35 live customers implementing a scanned medical record than any other vendor in Australia, we continue to make a significant investment in our solutions and our team.   Significantly, our progress into electronic forms has meant that many of our customers are now developing their own eforms.  These are replacing the paper based form and reducing the need for scanning.   Our customers have now developed hundreds of these forms.   Finally our document load interface has been implemented and provides electronic feeds from other health IT systems, further reducing the need to scan.

InfoMedix is proud of the fact that we have close relationship with our customer base who continue to drive the direction of our products.  This innovate agile approach has meant that InfoMedix has remained flexible and customer focused throughout the years.

InfoMedix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Object Consulting Pty Ltd – a leading Australian software development company focused on the innovative use of new technology in solving enterprise integration problems.