The InfoMedix scanning solution has been specifically designed and has proven capability to interface with other clinical systems.  InfoMedix customers have multiple interfaces with many clinical systems.


The InfoMedix medical records solution integrates with most of the major Patient Administration Systems that are in use by Australian hospitals. We support all varieties of HL7 2.3, 2.4 and above.

Information received from Patient Administration Systems includes:

  • Patient Admission, Discharge and Transfers
  • Patient demographics and merge details
  • Patient Bookings
  • Alerts

Document Load Tool

InfoMedix provides interfacing capabilities for loading electronic documents directly into the patient record, without the need for scanning. The InfoMedix Document Load interface can be used to load documents directly from other clinical systems

Batch Import

InfoMedix provides interfacing capabilities for loading patient record documents from an external system export or bulk load CD/DVD. The Batch Import Interface can be used to control and manage the loading and QA of scanned records from external sources into the InfoMedix product, which can be useful for loading information for archival purposes, or where scanning bureaus are being used.