Scanning as part of an existing solution

Where you already have an existing clinical repository, or clinical decision support system, the InfoMedix scanning solution provides a scanned medical record able to be integrated with these existing hospital systems.

Our innovative technological infrastructure means that InfoMedix can integrate easily into other products, now or in the future.  Many of our customers have two way communication with clinical systems, offering a seemless user experience.

InfoMedix offers many alternatives to allow integration to occur.  These include:

  • Click through URL links
  • HL7 Feeds
  • Web Services API
  • Document Load Interface

InfoMedix has provided integration to Patient Administration Systems (iPM, Homer),   Clinical Systems (Cerner, Orion, TrakHealth), Pathology (Kestral, Gribbles, Healthscope) and many other systems.

InfoMedix provides a medical records scanning solution which is designed for and proven within Australian hospitals and supports workflow and business processes.

Its price and performance make it the ideal transitional product.