System overview

The InfoMedix core product displays a complete electronic medical record in a simple, easy to use manner consistent with existing health information systems and clinical practice.

The InfoMedix total solution:

  • Provides scanned paper records with associated metadata
  • Integrates patient and administration data from Patient Administration Systems
  • Incorporates live data from clinical source systems such as Pathology and Radiology
  • Integrates ad-hoc electronic documents (such as transcribed letters, clinical photos and reports) and associated metadata
  • Assembles the virtual electronic records by extracting data from all relevant data sources and archives, translating all data into a common language defined by a localised data dictionary

InfoMedix is a firm believer in developing Good Health IT.

Good health IT and Bad health IT are defined from the teaching site “Contemporary Issues in Medical Informatics: Good Health IT, Bad Health IT, and Common Examples of Healthcare IT Difficulties” at

Good Health IT  is IT that provides a good user experience, enhances cognitive function, puts essential information as effortlessly as possible into the physician’s hands, keeps eHealthinformation secure, protects patient privacy and facilitates better practice of medicine and better outcomes.
Bad Health IT is IT that is ill-suited to purpose, hard to use, unreliable, loses data or provides incorrect data, causes cognitive overload, slows rather than facilitates users, lacks appropriate alerts, creates the need for hypervigilance (i.e., towards avoiding IT-related mishaps) that increases stress, is lacking in security, compromises patient privacy or otherwise demonstrates suboptimal design and/or implementation.