InfoMedix total digital medical record solution

The InfoMedix total solution provides the first step on the path to a fully digital medical record solution. The product enables healthcare organisations to implement a proven medical records scanning solution, with all the added benefits of an electronic medical record.

InfoMedix provides a combined medical records and clinical solution which is designed for and proven within Australian hospitals and supports medical records workflow as well as clinical processes.

The electronic forms module of InfoMedix has allowed the InfoMedix customers to create hundreds of different types of digital forms. These have a direct cost saving for the hospital as clinical staff are now directly entering information into the medical record without the need for paper. New type of forms are capable with this approach which leads to process improvement.

The benefits include:

  • Full PAS integration
  • Medical records scanning
  • Viewing and graphing electronic test results
  • Direct entry electronic forms
  • Electronic results acknowledgement