What we do

InfoMedix is often thought of as the starting point for your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) journey. Our medical records solution enables clinicians to quickly obtain the medical information required to make decisions. It simplifies the storage of medical records and integrates with other systems simply and easily.

InfoMedix can be used as a standalone solution or can integrate into your existing EMR solution. As a standalone solution InfoMedix can be used to enter patient information electronically via a keyboard or digitally via scanning handwritten note. Patient information can also be included from other computer systems electronically. For example, pathology and radiology results can be electronically transferred directly into the Medical Record.

As an integrated solution, InfoMedix can be viewed as the historical record for the patient. All patient centric information that needs to be stored due to the Health Records Act is stored, digitally, in one place. Once stored in InfoMedix any paper based artifact can be destroyed. This information can be then viewed in other clinical systems using our published interfaces. This provides a unique method of having the information stored in one system and viewed in another system. This means clinicians don’t need to keep logging in and out of different looking systems increasing their productivity. What we do is simplify the life for the clinician user.

Either way, it is a cost effective way to improve operational performance and reduce the operating costs of the medical records department, while improving the availability and accessibility of clinical information. This increase the level of care and decreases clinical risk. What we do is provide technology which is FAST, EASY and PROVEN.


Our customers

Austin Health, Djerriwarrh Health, Eastern Health, John Hunter Hospital, Northern Health, Peninsula Health, Royal Hobart Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital