InfoMedix – Why choose us?

InfoMedix is Australia’s leading Digital Medical Record solution with over 35 hospitals as customers.   InfoMedix is Fast, Easy to Use,  Proven  and is quick to implement.

InfoMedix provides you with:

  • Depth of proven experience
  • A proven medical records scanning solution
  • Immediate benefits of scanned medical records
  • Local support run by Health Information Managers
  • Definable Return on Investment

InfoMedix is an innovative provider of smart solutions that embody real knowledge and understanding of hospital and medical needs.  New technology is being developed in the areas of mobility, workforce efficiency and clinical coding work-flows.

The InfoMedix team is a group of dedicated Health and IT professionals with many years of experience working both within hospitals and with hospitals.  This team uses a structured and proven metholodogy to deliver tangiable benefits to our customers.

InfoMedix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Object Consulting.   Object Consulting was founded in 1989 and has built a team of 300 highly skilled IT professionals.    The benefit of this structure is that InfoMedix has access to literally hundreds of skilled staff which allows the team to develop leading edge technology.