Department heads

Our clinical modules enable you to access core functionality required from an electronic health record solution at a price you can afford and with minimal disruption to your business.

The InfoMedix solution offers:

  • Will immediately save your hospital money while helping you move towards a full EMR
  • Will immediately save your hospital physical space and increased operational efficiency without disrupting your normal business processes
  • Provides you with an open architecture that is proven, reliable and stable
  • Its ease of use and integration capabilities make it cost effective, flexible and powerful
  • Is designed specifically for healthcare
  • Is backed by a world-class software development and technical support team
  • Provides the best industry centric business software at an unbeatable price and risk level
  • Can easily integrate with your Electronic Health Record strategy now and in the future
  • Full audit trail and reporting of ALL access to the medical record

Privacy and Benefits of Digital Medical Records

The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Bill 2012 was introduced to Parliament on 23 May 2012 and was passed with amendments on 29 November 2012. the changes to the Privacy Act will come into force in March 2014. More information about the changes, as passed by the Parliament, is available at Privacy law reform page on our website.

These new Privacy laws puts much greater emphasis on the management of sensitive patient information.   Fundamentally there is no way to have appropriate controls on paper based medical records.   Department heads will be responsible for publishing and adhering to privacy guidelines.   These new laws will have a significant impact to the way patient information is stored and used.