Benefits of a digital medical record

InfoMedix’s Digital Medical Record solution delivers benefits quickly and works seamlessly with the healthcare provider’s current processes and across all hospital systems.

Our digital medical record solution:

  • Allows clinicians immediate, concurrent and remote access to records.
  • Significantly reduces medical record departmental costs and organisational risk
  • Significantly reduces occupational health and safety risks and costs
  • Improves accessibility of clinical information resulting in reduced clinical effort and improved patient care
  • Satisfies the legal requirements to keep medical records

Our product is designed for and proven within Australian Hospitals. It is specifically built for medical records.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of use, specifically designed for clinicians
  • Extremely efficient for medical records operations and scanning
  • Web based so can be accessed from computer or mobile devices
  • Designed to fit into hospital IT infrastructures with minimal cost and fuss
  • Ease and quality of implementation
  • Quality of support and implementation services