Business benefits

A scanned medical record is the logical, practical, cost effective stepping stone towards a full electronic medical record. Utilising InfoMedix’ scanning solution, most medium and large hospitals can reap a financial return on investment within two years.

Savings are made by eliminating the need to move paper based medical records around a hospital.  All of our InfoMedix customers have received positive Return on Investment (ROI), in many cases more than expected.

Government legislation has changed which is now allowing InfoMedix customers to destroy the paper forms after they are scanned.  This is further contributing to saving on off-site storage costs.

Further savings are being made by our customers that implement electronic forms replacing paper based forms.  This module, which is included within the InfoMedix system, allows customers to create their own forms using the forms designer tool.  This advancement means paper based forms can slowly be phased out of operation.   InfoMedix is flexible enough to allow a specific form to exist in both a paper based format and an electronic format.  This allows clinicians to use their choice of format which greatly increases clinical acceptance of the InfoMedix system.

Download – Benefits of a Scanned Medical Record (PDF)