Digital Medical Records: Where to next?


Microsoft and InfoMedix recently hosted a very well-attended invitation only briefing where expert speakers discussed the new world of digital medical records and what the future holds: where to next.

A revolution is quietly underway, opening a world of new opportunities.

In our mobile, always connected world, information is at our fingertips and technology is a constant companion. In health though the experience for clinicians has been secondary. In this new world of opportunities clinicians can now benefit from:

  • Secure, hyper-scale cloud computing delivering cost-effective performance that’s always up to date
  • Devices with the power to run demanding apps, have a battery life to last all day
  • Applications designed touch first for mobility, can scale intuitively from the smallest to the largest devices

Guest Speakers:

Dr Simon Kos
Health Industry Manager, Microsoft
Dr Simon Kos is the Health Industry Manager for Microsoft in Australia. He is responsible for the vision for health in Australia, and how Microsoft solutions and partners make that a reality. Dr Kos joined Microsoft in 2010 to bring health domain expertise to the Australian health team after 17 years in the health and health IT industries.








Peter Richardson
Executive Director, InfoMedix
Peter Richardson was one of the founders of InfoMedix back in 2000. After a three-year stint leading Object Consulting’s portfolio of green initiatives as Chief Sustainability Officer, Peter is now back in charge of InfoMedix setting the vision and direction with a range of new and exciting initiatives.









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