St John of God Health Care – A single unified view of patient information

Leading health care provider, St John of God Health Care (SJGHC) has signed a contract with InfoMedix for the provision of a Clinical Patient Folder (CPF) solution. The initial contract covers the St John of God Geelong Hospital and St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals.

SJGHC, the largest not-for-profit private health care group in Australia with 14 hospitals and over 9,900 staff, purchased the scanning solution for their Australian hospitals to automate patient records utilising industry-leading information technology that will create a more stream-lined process and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.

“The CPF will deliver many benefits by standardising the presentation of patient information, transforming information availability, creating operational efficiencies, reducing costs and delivering meaningful use of health information technology,” said SJGHC Group Director of Corporate Services Kevin Taylor.

“Our prime driver is to have rapid retrieval of a patient medical record from a previous admission and for scanned images of written medical records to complement digitally entered information in a single unified view of patient information to clinicians and Staff so as to enhance patient care. Ultimately the information will be available either remotely or at the patient bedside thus providing the highest quality patient care across the continuum – from inpatient episodes to outpatient care delivery.”

Planning for the solution roll-out is well underway with both the SJGHC team and the InfoMedix team working in close collaboration in WA and Victoria. This planning phase followed a rigorous selection process by SJGHC to ensure the solution would meet the clinical and management needs of the organisation.

SJGHC – Transforming your Hospitals

The development of the St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals by SJGHC and WA Department of Health is part of a major transformation of Midland, in the north east corridor of Perth. Construction is due for completion in late 2015 making available a total of 367 beds, 307 for public patients and 60 for private patients.

In Victoria, the redevelopment and expansion of St John of God Geelong Hospital will add to the hospital a new private Emergency Department; new operating theatres; new hydrotherapy pool and rehabilitation centre; and an additional 64 patient beds bringing the hospital’s beds to a total of 250.

The adoption of the InfoMedix scanning solution in Midland and Geelong hospitals supports SJGHC’s information technology strategic goal of utilising the latest information technology available to deliver information any-time and any-where efficiently to enhance patient care.

With the Clinical Patient Folder (CPF) solution roll out, SJGHC has become the largest private health provider customer for InfoMedix.

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