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InfoMedix goes live at Nambour

On the 25th of October 2016, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) successfully went live at Nambour General Hospital with the InfoMedix Clinical Patient Folder (CPF) scanned medical record solution. The Implementation of the CPF solution represents stage one of the iEMR journey for SCHHS.

The implementation of CPF started in March 2016, and with the successful go live 8 months later, has led to SCHHS clinical staff being able to view the scanned patient record in real time, the solution will be rolled out to the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital on completion of the new build expected in early 2017.

InfoMedix on Mobile Devices

Last year, InfoMedix developed a brand new Windows Tablet App to allow our customers to access records and patient data without needing to use a web browser. The InfoMedix App is bright and inuitive and is being developed for a touch-first use on a Windows tablet, and features a whole new way of interacting with InfoMedix that is optimised for mobile use.  As such it will be perfect for Clinicians to use while doing rounds, and is highly optimised for this task.

We’re not stopping there though.  iOS and Android versions are also under way.